Thursday, January 13, 2011

Cold Turkey...

This kind of reminded me of Joey Tribbiani in the turkey episode. In fact, any mention of turkey will remind me of  Joey Tribbiani in the turkey episode.

How ya doin'?

Anyway, last Christmas, my uncle presented us a baked turkey which he bragged of preparing it himself. A whole huge turkey. Straight from the oven, with the gravy and stuffing and everything. Too bad none of us were turkey fans, being more of a duck and chicken persons, so we served those to guests. It was nice, but the tediousness and the thickness of the meat kind of put us off. Besides, none of us had carving skill and no carving knife to match, and therefore we treated what could have been a very country-style western Christmas ever in many many years, with the same respect we treated a grilled chicken or duck. Flat out on the chopping block with a butcher's chopping knife and all. Totally artless. Completely without style. Not that we complained. It was fun watching my brother wrestled with the huge meaty chest and thighs.

Kinda reminded me of J-Lo. 

Hey, Christmas spirit and all, right? The guests liked it, and thought it was fancy, and very European liked... but we knew better. :-) To give is better to receive. Thank you Uncle.

The point is... We finished the turkey on the first day of Christmas! Yeay.

Wrapped up with a love note.


  1. Willie: sik berapa. kinda tasteless, u know, white meat and all.

  2. Hi there :)

    First time here and visiting ur blog from Kak Ida blog :)

    Adding u up in my bloglist ya :)

    Sabahan blogger :)

  3. Hi Ken: Welcome. Thank you. Will add you up as soon as I know which blog you use the most (banyak eh, how do you keep them all?)

  4. i haven't eaten a turkey yet...
    hmmm...wonder how the stuffed turkey taste like...heee... :)

  5. ingat ariya masa nak krismas... bz da jak boss bungkus hadiah k anak2 buah nya.. tauk hadiah nya apa? english novel... wahhhhhhhh..... 3 igek sorang.. nang best!

  6. Hehehehe...aku hari2 makan turkey kat USA...mun domestic sik liat, tapi mun yang wild, nang liat eh! Auks kapak aja turkey ya mun sik ada pisau khas...yang penting masuk dlm perut...aku suka stuffing ya...

  7. Syaftome: taste ok. :-) want some? christmas leftovers...

    Amni: aiii best eh! aku nak juak dapat english novel for christmas, tapi org selalu berik baju, berik baju, berik baju jak... sampai penuh lemari sik dipakei... haha

    GD: haha... bagus bagus... aku sik minat gilak turkey. kecuali turkey ham sandwich la, sebab ya dah bercampur perisa lain.


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