Thursday, January 27, 2011


Sorry, I have been hibernating in my cave.

I had just walked all the way from the car park carrying a box of mandarin oranges. No gentlemen in sight. Funny when you need gallantry, gallantry is never around. But no matter, I'm nothing if not a superwoman. Rite. My hands itch from carrying the big plastic bag wrapper. Oranges for my office. That's the 3rd box this month.

Anyway, the old blog is still not restored. I think Google hates me. Sigh. I give up on it.

2011 looks to be a promising year. It's also the year of the State Election.

This will also be a year for me to venture out of my little shell and see far away places. God willing.


  1. Yep.. visit me here in Sabah... land below the wind..we had a cup of kopi tenom.. ;-)

  2. Ivynana & Vivian: mai datang sitok. banyak gik dlm fridge. ya jak pakei ku berik kitak org pelawat. lol

    Rose: i will! plan lok. gara2 nak minum kopi tenom nak

  3. hmm.. what actually happened sampei blog u kenak blog?? tedah u..

  4. Ida: sik juak kamek tauk.. kali ada orang dengki yang flagkannya kali. ney la tauk nak. biar jak lah. sikda apa2 juak best di sia. mundane jak


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