Monday, January 31, 2011

Salasilah NGEK ...

Logging in at 1.17pm now, Monday blues.

Got an sms from MsTikot: "Ngek, x join contest nak aku polah dlm blog tek, aku dah ada 2 pemenang..."

Ok set... set... sabar jak lah. Bukan sabar apa... sabar kerana panggilan manja aku dengan diorang ni sungguhlah tak romantik dan sungguhlah tak ayu... sungguhlah juak sik meyakinkan. Tapi bagi Mama dan siTikot dan sorang gik Burp King (yang sikda blog tapi bertweet kedak orang gila... sekejap di KIA, sekejap di Boulevard, sekejap di MJC sampai aku mikirnya tek Suspenderman... )... akulah NGEK. 

Oh gawd.

Tapi kedong aku yang start budaya ya, so nyaut juak lah. Peramah kan? Camne boleh aku yang start? Cerita nya tek camtok... Ada satu point kamek orang semua stress kerana adalah orang ya nang indecisive kedak apa kak ya sikda nulong langsung berik guidance dan worst decision maker ever (except when she took me under her wing lah... haha), so bila temperature dah high dan bila patience in short supply ... semuanya pun meninggikan suara. Antara mek orang, Tikot la selalu champion bab berteriak tok. Mama selalunya cool tapi muka bengis diberiknya ngan kita. Burp King ya kerja ngerepak dan tukang ngepung, sidekick ku sorang Ms Saigon tukang stresskan diri-sendiri gigit jari dan gigit lidah, dan sorang gik mensia ya (siLeslie) yang kerjanya tukang sambung apa dikerepak orang...... Kerja aku nulong Tikot berteriak juak dan gigit jari Ms Saigon... tapi disebabkan aku yang deal direct dengan Lady Bos tok tek, lalu akulah Pressure Point sidak. Satu hari, punyalah manas lepas story ku ditunggang-terbalik 180 degree... aku apa agik... BANGANG kata ku dengan siBurp King sebabnya first person I saw lepas kena setdown.

Lepas ya bersambung si BurpKing nunggah siLes BANGANG... dan Tikot pun sama juak jangkit dengan Mama dan sebagainya... Mulai hari ya semua pun namanya ''NGANG"... dipendekkan supaya bunyinya lembut sikit.

Private joke. The best thing about these people is ... Bila ditunggah 'NGANG'... aie, NYAUT JUAK! HAHAHA! Ada versi 'NGENG' dan 'NGEK' juak ... terpulang dengan sapa yang menunggah dan sapa yang ditunggah. Banyak gik nama manja yang lain-lain selain tok... tapi ya kelak cerita.

Tapi gradually lepas kamek orang berpindah dan resign one by one ... Group pun berpecah. Semua dah lari or melarikan diri or dilarikan orang. Sigh. Sesungguhnya aku merindukan waktu itu... :-( ... but would I go back? only if I can have the team back... and only if well... one among us is the boss.

Nostalgic. Sampai aku lupak berblog dalam English indah eh! Aie......

P/S: Mama Ngek, betul sik versi cerita ku tok tek? Ingat-ingat lupa.

P/S: Tikot, dah mek email jawapan tek. Betul sik? Mun salah, bagi lah markah kesian. He he.

Thursday, January 27, 2011


Sorry, I have been hibernating in my cave.

I had just walked all the way from the car park carrying a box of mandarin oranges. No gentlemen in sight. Funny when you need gallantry, gallantry is never around. But no matter, I'm nothing if not a superwoman. Rite. My hands itch from carrying the big plastic bag wrapper. Oranges for my office. That's the 3rd box this month.

Anyway, the old blog is still not restored. I think Google hates me. Sigh. I give up on it.

2011 looks to be a promising year. It's also the year of the State Election.

This will also be a year for me to venture out of my little shell and see far away places. God willing.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Let Me Down Easy ...

I have my own world right here, where the Country is. Some people may not understand this fascination, but then again, I guess it's the same as I never understood Jazz or Hip Hop or some people's preferences to them.

To each his own.  If you're lost in here, try to keep up.
Let Me Down Easy - Billy Currington

There's a little moonlight dancing on the sand
There's a warm breeze blowing by the ocean as you're taking my hand
You need to know, where I'm standing now
That I'm right on the edge of giving into you
Baby, it's a long way down

If I fall, can you let me down easy
If I leave my heart with you tonight will you promise me that you're gonna treat it right
I'm barely hanging on
If I fall, can you let me down easy

The scent of your perfume floating in the air
Looking like an angel laying on a blanket with a halo of hair
And those lips, they're too good to be true
Once I taste that kiss I know what'll happen
I'll be at the mercy of you

If I fall, can you let me down easy
If I leave my heart with you tonight will you promise me that you're gonna treat it right
I'm barely hanging on
So if I fall, can you let me down easy

If I fall, can you let me down easy
If I leave my heart with you tonight will you promise me girl you're gonna treat it right
I'm barely hanging on
If I fall, can you let me down easy

If I fall, Can you let me down easy
Let me down easy

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Country drool time: ... Easton Corbin

Meet my latest muse addition: Easton Corbin. Talented, young, charming, with an angelic voice that does not even match his youthful looks. Cute right?

His voice... I hate to say this, but he reminds me of George Strait and a little bit of Clay Walker and John Michael Montgomery, and a lot of Collin Raye! There are a lot of voice similarity in country, but don't let that spoil you. This one will reel you in, I promise. If it doesn't, there's something wrong with you. Kid.

Easton has been around, but not that long, but I happened to stumble upon him today while browsing through and googling "Country stars who drink coffee". Yes, I do that a lot in my free time. And the surprise always done me in. Worthwhile!

This is like discovering the next high-octane coffee while not even expecting it... flush, fresh and flavorful.

Here... have a taste of High-Octane Easton Corbin brew... on me. :-)

I Can't Love You Back...

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Cold Turkey...

This kind of reminded me of Joey Tribbiani in the turkey episode. In fact, any mention of turkey will remind me of  Joey Tribbiani in the turkey episode.

How ya doin'?

Anyway, last Christmas, my uncle presented us a baked turkey which he bragged of preparing it himself. A whole huge turkey. Straight from the oven, with the gravy and stuffing and everything. Too bad none of us were turkey fans, being more of a duck and chicken persons, so we served those to guests. It was nice, but the tediousness and the thickness of the meat kind of put us off. Besides, none of us had carving skill and no carving knife to match, and therefore we treated what could have been a very country-style western Christmas ever in many many years, with the same respect we treated a grilled chicken or duck. Flat out on the chopping block with a butcher's chopping knife and all. Totally artless. Completely without style. Not that we complained. It was fun watching my brother wrestled with the huge meaty chest and thighs.

Kinda reminded me of J-Lo. 

Hey, Christmas spirit and all, right? The guests liked it, and thought it was fancy, and very European liked... but we knew better. :-) To give is better to receive. Thank you Uncle.

The point is... We finished the turkey on the first day of Christmas! Yeay.

Wrapped up with a love note.

Hello... Again...

This was unintentional. And annoying, nonetheless.

My earlier blog ( was blocked indefinitely, by Google. For whatever reason, mostly spam. It never happened to me before, so I'm being suspicious of something, somebody, somewhere, somehow. It is currently in the process of being monitored and probably restored. But Google said 2 working days. 2! It's almost a week now. I am giving up hope.

But... know this: I did not block it, delete it, or restrict it. Not voluntary. Not this time. If I had wanted to delete it, I would've done so already. But looks like Google went ahead without me.

All is not lost. I am still alive. Just when I was about to rediscover my love for writing insanely, it went and restrict me! If that isn't stupid, I don't know what is.


And just so you know... the content is just about the same. No intro needed. :-)

Monday, January 10, 2011

A fresh start ...

For last year's words belong to last year's language
And next year's words await another voice.
And to make an end is to make a beginning.
~T.S. Eliot, "Little Gidding"

Happy New Year!